Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Guinness here.  Everything is still.  The Earth is cold as bone.  It will never end. 

Maggi checks the animals.  They have wintered well. 

Maggi receives a message from Annie--the spirit horse...

She says the days are longer...  that Spring will surely come.  We will forget  the cold winter just as we do every year.  And someday we will long for these years--do not wish them away she whispers--do not wish them away.

..and so we go home...our minds full of thoughts of spring..and our dreams filled with the sounds of frogs and peepers.  Love Guinness..zzzzzz


  1. Did the spirit horse ever work for Budweiser? ❤

  2. Annie is beautiful and wise. It's been a long, hard winter here and we've been longing for spring, but the spirit horse is right. We should never wish away our days. Thanks!

  3. Winter is still coming down here....spring will come. I know Annie is wise and wonderful!