Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Very Special Christmas

ZZZzzzzzz Oh hi it's Guinness!  It's been a long time--my human is not good at updating my bloggy anymore.
Before Christmas she headed up North to Newfoundland to visit this little sweet potato...
And THIS little BEAR!  You guys remember Oliver and Jesse right?  My little human nephew pups!

And then it was Christmas and this is me and Maggi on Christmas morning!  It was postcard perfect.

And it was an old fashioned Christmas for sure.

...and surely you must remember some of this clan?  So as you can see everyone is well and safe and sound!

My human got snowshoes from Santa!  We've been going everywhere!

And guess what!  It was my birthday on New Years day and I turned SEVEN!!


And that is a very big number for a wolfhound.  But as you can see I am as handsome and healthy as ever.

 I got sticky buns for my breakfast with milky ...and spaghetti and garlic toast  for supper.

Everyone seems pretty happy to have me around for my 7th Christmas but I am going to surprise them all and be here for nest Christmas too.  Happy 2014 everyone.  Love your favorite furry wolfie boy--Guinny.


  1. I have missed you Guinness! So happy to hear you are having a good winter and are FINE.

    I am fine too.

    Your old pal Stella

  2. thank you so much--we think of you often--glad you still check in--I know you missed us sorry ;-(

  3. I am so pleased that all is well in your part of the world. You have become the wise old master of wolfies, Guiness! Love to you and Maggi and your humans..............*s*

  4. Belated Happy Birthday, Guiness! Thanks for the update.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Happy birthday and Merry Xmas!

    Puppy kisses
    Sasha & Trixie
    (whose human is also pretty bad at updating the blog)

  6. wow, those nephew puppies are beautiful! Like dolls! You are one lucky dog to have relatives like that! Have a wonderful and healthy 2014!

  7. Good to see you all again and especially to know that you are happy and healthy now that you are a senior citizen.


  8. Hey Guinness! Nice to see you! Happy birthday to you! I turned nine last month and that is pretty good for a rottie! You and I are lucky healthy guys!


  9. Welcome back. It looks like a wonderful holiday. Those human pups are adorable