Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Delicious Treats from the Farm



  1. I giggle in horror because I know my dogs would chomp, chomp, roll, roll, chomp, chomp...barf, burp.

  2. Now that I realize which blog I am on, I have to tell you something!! I had a dream about a wolfie last night. Whose wolfie it was, I don't know. And I've never petted a wolfie before, never really encountered one in real life. But this wolfie was so cuddly wuddly with a big mouth, longggg tongue and deep brown eyes. I was giving him a ton of scritches behind his ears and he was adoring it.

    WHY I dreamt this, I have no idea. This is really the only place I see wolfies so I was wondering if it had anything to do with your blog! I still cannot figure it out, but it was a pleasant dream!

    1. nice to hear that--once you cuddle a wolfie you will think you are indeed dreaming! maybe it is a sign you will see one soon! hope to hear from you!

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