Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wolfhounds and Wrinkles at Clairmont Park

Well we finally got to meet the Wrinkle Club today! Two adorable Shar Pei's and a Mastador puppy. Chloe, Pickles and Rinaldo. You can read all about them here!

I think when the dogs met, each must have thought they encountered some sort of alien dog. Everyone got along great at Clairmont Park. This is a little provincial picnic park on Route 1 between exit 16 and 17. It is really not much, but it is not busy this time of year, so it provides a good secluded place for the dogs to explore. There are many nice picnic tables along the trail and lots of tall red pine trees to make up a pretty, wooded area. We had a great time and the hounds have now settled in for a long winter nap. Thanks Wrinkle Crew!!!


  1. Fantastic!!!

    I am going to do a post with pictures tomorrow or tonight :)
    We all had a great time, and I'm glad the dogs all got along great!
    I love the big wolfies! They are so cute and funny.
    Especially their ability to poke their noses into my treat pocket! LOL
    Can't wait to Splore some more with you!

    Melissa & the wrinkle crew